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Happy Endings

If you have a Hill Country SPCA Happy Ending picture and story you would like to share, email it to Info@hillcountryspca.com

This is Finn. "He is the cutest puppy, now almost 7 months! He has brought so much joy to our lives. He loves to run and play whenever possible, and he has loved every single dog and person he's ever met. I honestly think that he will never meet a stranger. :) Finn at 5 MonthsWe got him a toy fox the day we picked him up, and he has loved and cared for that toy ever since. He hasn't chewed it up, and he sleeps with it most nights. Every day when we get home, he greets us like we've been gone for a week. He's always excited to see us, and he's always up for a game of catch. Finn is so so smart, and he has learned several commands already. He loves baths (not typical of a dog so I hear), being scratched on his belly, and being held like he's still a little pup. Finn NowWe got him when he was about 8 pounds, and now he's 35 pounds. Everyone we meet says he looks like a little coyote, which we don't hate. :) He is loved by all of our family and friends, and he can be a snuggle bug when he gets sleepy! We love our pup, and we are so thankful for him! I've attached a few of my favorite pics, so that you all can see how much he's grown! Thank you for giving us our sweet pup!" - Millie

Mollie Mae"This is Molly Mae (once known as Harlow). She is so happy in her new home. When I first adopted her she was scared of people, other dogs and cars (I wasn't too upset about her being scared of cars though). I've had her since March and she is a completely different dog. She looks forward to meeting new dogs and loves hanging with her brother and sister. Mollie MaeShe got to travel to Dallas and visit Mutts Cantina, an entire park devoted to dogs!

We celebrated her first birthday with a dog cake and special hats. She's very comfortable at home, and learned how to beg for food from her brother, Howie, but her favorite thing to do is chase squirrels and find sticks twice her size while on runs! She has been a wonderful blessing and not only have I been lucky enough to watch her change but she has changed me. I feel as though I'm the luckiest girl in the world because I have a wonderful best friend and "shadow." -Chelsea"

3 Girls"I adopted these 3 sweethearts in 2011 and 2012.. at separate times. The one with the gray is now Billie Beatrix (formerly Dove). The one with the blackish face is now Susiana Iris (formerly Abbey). The one with the most gold is now Pilar Wayne (formerly Sasha). They have so bonded as "sisters" and are such entertainment in their own personalities. I would encourage everyone to go to the SPCA to adopt... you will make a pet happy, and yourself. Thank you, Sharon Ginder"

"I adopted Moss (now known as George) in November, 2012. GeorgeToday is his birthday…he’s one year old! He has been a hoot to be around and you never know what he will be into next. I think I found me a party boy with this one! Sometimes I think he might think he is a dog. From the beginning we have played catch with the little plastic balls that make noise. Once he has run it down he will bring it back to me and put it at my feet so I’ll throw it again….and again. He gets to go outside only with supervision and also while wearing his halter and lead. Getting to go outside he has gotten to explore the back yard, enjoy listening to the birds, climb half way up the tree, and getting to play with his outside kitty Red. They have become good friends. George never fails to meet me at the backdoor and I swear would rub my leg raw from being so happy I’m home. It’s been fun…..thanks for what yall do. Nellwyn Sadler"

Maggie and Wilson"I just wanted to let you know that Maggie made the long trip back to Illinois without any problems!! She was really wonderful--slept most of the way. She's also adjusted very well to being around Wilson (they love to chase each other all over the house), and to being indoors for the most part. Her favorite thing to do is sit by our windows & watch the birds (& we have lots of them) all day long. Thank you again for all your help in making it possible for us to adopt Maggie!!! We all love her!!! Thanks much!! Linda Krese"

Chance "I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for bringing Theo into our life. We decided to change his name to Chance. Since he was taking a chance on us. He is perfect. He is very good at sitting, lying down and coming when instructed. He loves to play fetch. He brings the ball back every time. I just have to bribe him to give me the ball. He is very intelligent so I'm sure it won't take long to teach him to drop the ball. We bought him several toys so he would have enough to keep him happy and playful but he decided he likes the balls of yarn I use for knitting better. We came home from grocery shopping to find the entire inside of the trailer decorated with about 10 balls of yarn. He had a good time while we were gone. The second time he did this, I decided it was time to hide the yarn. He loves to get in the water and play on the big rocks. He has even tried to catch a minnow or two. No luck on that though. Chance is such a blessing and we are very thankful to have him in our family. Sincerely, Tina Hardy"

Dexter"Just wanted to give you guys a great big THANK YOU! We adopted our sweet little Dexter (formerly known as Poco) in September and could not be happier. He is the sweetest, most gentle dog you can imagine and he and our 2 year old are best friends! One of Dexter's favorite things is to snuggle with Sean in the mornings, it's become a routine for the two of them and they do it every day after Sean gets up! We love our Dexter and thank you so much for letting us add him to our little family! Thanks, Michael, Kassidy & Sean Copell"

Sally at home"I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoy our puppy, Sally, and tell you that she is doing well. She's 10 months old and growing very healthy. She's full of energy and loves to bark when she wants something. She moans when she sleeps. She likes using her voice. Who knows, maybe one day she will even learn to say a word! She's smart! Thank you for letting us adopt Sally. Lynda and Sam Haynes"

Miss Daughty at her new home! Daughty loves to sit on the back porch with her new Mommy and drink out of the garden hose, the kitchen sink, and her new fancy pet fountain! She sleeps with her new Mom and plays with all of her new toys, she even chases butterflies in the backyard!Daughty

Panda at her new home! Panda has put on some much needed weight at her new home! Her new mom says she is just the funniest little dog! Panda just loves her new home and won't sleep unless she's under the covers!


Domino plays dominos with his new family!

GageGage loves his new family, and is now joined by another Boston named Pig, and a miniature schnauzer named Buddy! Buddy suffers from severe separation anxiety and Gage has taken it upon himself to try and console him. When Buddy starts panicking, Gage will bring him toys and love on him to take his mind off of it. He is very much loved!

Jay Jay, who is now named Bentley, and his family (and extended family) at the shelter on his adoption day! Jay Jay

Tubs, now named Sparky, and his new owner Rachel before leaving the shelter.Tubs

ThatcherThatcher and his new owner, Robin, hanging out at his new home!

Amber's newest adoptee Nikko (who is now known as Memphis) and Vegas (whom she adopted in 2006).Nikko and Vegas


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